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FAQ Section

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Why should I get a tune?

We love our Toyota and Lexus; however, the factory logic falls short of expectations. The inadequate throttle response, persistent gear hunting, lack of power and unsatisfactory fuel efficiency all point to one thing - it's time for a tune.

What are the major improvements to my vehicle after tuning(platform dependent)?
  • Improved performance / drivability
  • Enhanced/smoother shift points and reduced gear hunting
  • Reduced Lag
  • Linear power curve
  • Increased throttle sensitivity options
How do I set up an appointment?

We schedule services by appointment only. To secure your appointment, a $100 deposit is required when a date is confirmed, which will be applied toward the total cost of the tune.

For instance, if the tuning service costs $500, the initial $100 deposit will be deducted, leaving a balance of $400 to be settled at the time of the appointment.

What payments are accepted?

Cash(Preferred), Zelle, Venmo, and cashapp are accepted. Please note that we do not directly accept card payments.

How will my MPG be affect?

Numerous factors can influence your vehicle's MPG. You can expect your MPG to remain consistent, with many of our customers experiencing a slight improvement in fuel efficiency.

Do you charge for updates?

Our tuning updates come with a LIFETIME guarantee at no additional cost. Please note, however, a service fee ranging between $20 to $50 may apply.

Does my Engine/Transmission ECU software need to be updated (Toyota Service Bulletin)?

We will ensure your truck's software is up-to-date by verifying its version and providing updates at no extra charge if necessary.

Will tuning void my warranty?

While we cannot guarantee the status of your warranty, it's noteworthy that we have yet to encounter any warranty issues reported by our customers. Should you have any concerns post-tuning, we provide a complimentary service to revert your vehicle to its original, stock configuration. We take pride in noting that this service has never been needed for any engine or transmission-related warranty issues.

It's essential to understand that with any aftermarket modification, there's a possibility that if the modification is identified as the direct cause of a fault, it could potentially affect your warranty. However, the presence of a tune on your vehicle, in itself, does not automatically invalidate your warranty.

Is it possible to restore my vehicle to its original factory settings?

Absolutely! Your vehicle can be restored to its original, factory settings whenever desired.

Is the tune detectable by the dealership?

Our tuning software does not alter the OEM identification that appears during scans. This ensures that, when assessed using standard Toyota calibration tools, it reflects the original "stock" calibration settings.

What if I move to another state?

Our YotaWerx Tuning Network spans the entire United States, ensuring that we can connect you with a qualified local tuner who will provide you with the service you need.

Can my Speedometer be adjusted?

Unfortunately, we don't provide speedometer calibration services. However, there are several reputable speedometer calibrators available on the market. We recommend exploring options from Rough Country and Hypertech